Millimeter-Wave Indoor Channel Characterization for Broadband Wireless Local Area Networks

S. Geng and P. Vainikainen (Finland)


Millimeterwave propagation, power delay profile, rms delay spread, Ricean Kfactor and cross polarization discrimination (XPD).


In this paper, the 60 GHz propagation channel characteristics like power delay profiles, rms delay spread, Ricean K-factor and cross polarization discrimination (XPD) are investigated based on indoor channel measurements performed in a corridor (LOS) and a hall for both LOS and NLOS measurement scenarios. It is found that in the corridor the multipath components show more clustering property than in the LOS hall. The rms delay spread ranges from 3 ns to 80 ns in indoor environments at 60 GHz. The large values of Ricean K factor indicate stronger LOS component in the channel. The obtained XPD values for the corridor LOS environment are quite high in this frequency band. Moreover, the multipath channel dependencies of different characteristics are also examined. It is noticed that the K-factor increases with the decrease of channel rms delay spread in general, and low correlation property between the XPD and delay spread can be established. The presented results can be used for the design of 60 GHz radio systems.

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