Reducing Numerical Limitations in Time-Reversal Simulations

I. Scott, A. Vukovic, and P. Sewell (UK)


Transmission Line Modelling, time reversal, Prony series, optimisation, evanescent modes


The paper reports on practical problems and limitations of inverse simulations using the time-domain Transmission Line Modelling, TLM, method. Two primary sources of error in a time-reversal simulation, namely finite run-time and evanescent wave decay, are analysed. The paper also reports on the consequences for the time reversal technique of using Prony series to predict future fields in order to reduce the runtime of the forward simulation and its memory requirements. The error caused by decay of the evanescent modes is quantified in terms of the propagation length and given accuracy. All issues are analysed on an example of a two-dimensional reversal cavity and source reconstruction.

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