Dual-Slot Structure Corrugated Horn for Ku/Ka Dual-Band

X. Jia, F. Fan, and Z. Yan (PRC)


Ku/Ka-band, corrugated horn, dual-slot


A dual-slot structure corrugated conical horn is proposed and investigated for a Ku/Ka dual-band application. Adjacent straight slots of the structure are resonant in Ku band and Ka-band, respectively. Authors choose a sinusoid profiled mode converter for the horn to restrain the excitation of the mode and other unwanted higher order modes. Along the profile of the mode converter, the slots which resonant in Ku-band have linear-variable depth while the slots in Ka-band have both linear-variable depth and linear-variable pitch-to-width ratio. In addition, to reduce the size and have a stable phase center, a profiled flare section is utilized. Although the configuration of the dual-slot structure corrugated conical horn in Ku/Ka dual band is complex so that it is difficult and expensive to manufacture, it provides low return loss, symmetric radiation patterns and low cross polarization levels across all the operating frequency bands, as results obtained using Ansoft HFSS shown. 12EH

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