Design of a Broadband Switched-Beam Antenna Array with Reduced Mutual Coupling Effects for Wireless Communication

Y.-T. Kuo, J.-S. Sun, C.-K. Hu, and Y.-C. Lee (Taiwan)


Communication system, antenna array, Butler matrix, reduced sidelobe level (S.L.L.)


A broadband four-port switched-beam antenna with reduced mutual coupling effects is designed and implemented. The proposed switched-beam antenna system including a broadband Butler matrix as a feeding structure and four bowtie-shaped microstrip antennas as driver elements provide good radiation patterns only using four radiating elements. To reduce the side-lobe level of antenna array, metallic strips between radiating elements can be considered. Four bowtie-shaped with reflected ground plane antennas in conjunction with the broadband four-port Butler matrix are applied to create radiation pattern in different directions and to obtain a front-to-back ratio for 20dB. From the measured results, the side-lobe level is approximately below -10dB.

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