Spherical Near-Field Measurements of a Spherical Array Antenna

L. Marantis, E. De Witte, and P.V. Brennan (UK)


Spherical Array Antenna Measurements, Phased Array


Spherical Phased Array Antennas have been proposed for antenna applications where an omni-directional beam steering capability in both azimuth and elevation is required. The spherical array antenna is the only antenna that has the potential of offering full spherical coverage without altering the radiated pattern. The University College London has been actively studying the design, construction and performance of a spherical array antenna for satellite applications. UCL has acquired a spherical near-field antenna measurement facility to support the work on the spherical array antenna and various other research projects. This paper describes the measurements that are performed on the spherical array antenna so far, the specific experiment set-ups and the results obtained from the measurements. The results are compared with the theoretically expected and simulated results. The paper also discusses the next generation spherical array antenna and gives an overview of the more complex set of experiments that are planned. The future experiments will allow a thorough and complete investigation of the performance of a spherical array antenna.

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