Quantifying the Spatially Variable Socio-Economic Impact of Sewer Flooding

C.K. Makropoulos, K. Weatherley, and D. Butler (UK)


Climate change, extreme events, flooding vulnerability, multicriteria spatial decision support, sewer flooding.


This paper presents a methodology to assess the economic and social costs of sewer flooding. It further presents the development of a prototype tool facilitating the application of the methodology to investigate impact driven sewer rehabilitation scenarios, by defining the importance of various socio-economic and engineering criteria while incorporating a spatially variable level of risk aversion. The tool was applied to a case study area under a range of future scenarios and results indicate both a spatial variability of risk, related to system characteristics, and significant changes to flood consequence between now and 2050 related to climate change scenarios. The results demonstrate the need to include social impact criteria under a consistent sewer rehabilitation scenarios investigation framework for long term sewer asset management.

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