Water Resources Management    (WRM 2007)

August 20 – 22, 2007
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Editor(s): J. Wilson
248 pages
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Track Wastewater and Stormwater Management and Pollution Prevention and Abatement FreeSubscription
578-057 Photocatalytic Oxidation of Paracetamol in Water
L. Yang, L.E. Yu (Singapore), and M.B. Ray (Canada)
578-060 Natural Attenuation Pattern of Chlorinated Solvent at Yamagata Site in Japan
Y. Kawabe, E. Watanabe, M. Takeuchi, Y. Sakamoto, J. Hara, T. Komai, and T. Ooiwa (Japan)
578-066 Biosorbtion of Heavy Metals from Wastewater using Nonliving Biomass of Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans
C. Cimpeanu, E. Manole, I. Grebenisan, G. Campeanu, and S. Cimpeanu (Romania)
578-069 Estimating Spatial Variation of Sediment Transport Processes using a Distributed Catchment Model
B.K. Koo and J.-H. Cho (Korea)
578-075 Quantifying the Spatially Variable Socio-Economic Impact of Sewer Flooding
C.K. Makropoulos, K. Weatherley, and D. Butler (UK)
578-098 Biosorption of Heavy Metal Ions by Chitosan-g-poly(acrylic acid) Beads
N. Li, J.H. Lim, R. Bai, and Y.P. Ting (Singapore)
Track Water Supply and Use FreeSubscription
578-012 Agriculture and Urban Temporary Water Transfer Introduces Deficit Risk Shift in Chia-Nan Area
Y.-C. Chang (Taiwan)
578-019 Reducing Agricultural Water Demand in Libya through Improving Water Use Efficiency and Crop Water Productivity
S.A. Alghariani (Libya)
578-023 Evolution of Management Systems for Household Water in the Northern Thai Highlands
C. Sangkapitux, P. Elstner, and A. Neef (Thailand)
578-063 Drinking Water: Microbiological Monitoring and Management; A Case Study
E. Potgieter, A.H. Hiemstra, B.J. Barnes, P.J.C. Wagener, L.E.v.R. v. Oudtshoorn, and J.S. Phooko (South Africa)
578-065 Policy Assessment for Conjuctive-Use of Surface and Subsurface Water using System Dynamics
C.-C. Ho, C.-C. Yang, L.-C. Chang, W.-Y. Leung, and M.-S. Yeh (Taiwan)
578-073 A Network Flow Model for Evaluating Water Supply Strategies in Taiwan
F.N.-F. Chou and C.-W. Wu (Taiwan)
578-074 Developing Drought Early Warning Index for Water Supply of Tsengwen Reservoir in Southern Taiwan
F.N.-F. Chou and B.P.T. Chen (Taiwan)
578-076 Reliability based Water Supply Management Model
N. Wanakule and C.M. Mok (USA)
578-077 An Evaluation of Water Quality Improvement by the Constructed Wetland System in Southern Taiwan
C.-S. Ting, Y.-P. Huang, H.-T. Tsai, and H.-H. Hsieh (Taiwan)
Track Watershed Policy and Planning and Integrated Watershed Management FreeSubscription
578-018 Semi Distributed Runoff Model for a Semi Arid Area of Andhra Pradesh - A Geomatic Approach
G.K. Viswanadh and M.V.S.S. Giridhar (India)
578-026 Historical Legacies and Contemporary Perspectives of Participatory Water Governance in Southwest Germany
A. Neef (Thailand)
578-038 Mainstreaming Gender in Water and Sanitation Program for Sustainable Development
R.K. Sharma (Nepal)
578-042 The Use of Remote Sensing Data for the Application of a Hydrological Catchment Model
M. Wegehenkel (Germany)
578-049 Influence of Agriculture and Inter-Regional Trading on Watershed Water Quality and Production Managements
K. Shoichi (Japan)
578-064 Nitrogen Assimilation Capacity of the Vaal River, South Africa
J.C. Roos (South Africa)
578-089 Water Resources Management: Economic Valuation and Participatory Multi-Criteria Optimization
K. Fedra, M. Kubat, and M. Zuvela-Aloise (Austria)
578-095 Sediment Outflow from Nocrop and Sunflower Crop Lands under Varying Hydrotopographic and Land Treatment Conditions
A. Kumar, J.K. Singh, and B.K. Nanda (India)
578-107 The Walla Walla Way: Reevaluating the Role of State and Local Stakeholders in an Integrated Water Resource Management Approach
H. Paulsen (USA)
Track Modelling, Simulation, Data Analysis, and Visualization FreeSubscription
578-055 Conservation and Management of Urban Water Environment in Japan
K. Yamamoto (Japan)
578-056 Preventing Contamination of Supply Chains by using Grafted Plants under Irrigation with Marginal Water
M. Edelstein and M. Ben-Hur (Israel)
578-090 Hydrologic Response Evaluation of Ungauged Sub-Watersheds in Generation of Total Runoff from a Watershed
J.K. Singh (India) and S.H.R. Sadeghi (Iran)
578-094 Water Distribution Network Optimization using Heuristic Algorithms
M.-D. Lin, Y.-H. Sung, C.-W. Chu, and Y.-H. Lin (Taiwan)
578-096 Hydrologic-Hydraulic-Ecologic Resource Sheds
T.E. Croley II, J.F. Atkinson, and D.F. Raikow (USA)
578-100 Improvement of the Yazd Water Conveyance Control System by GA Optimization
A. Malekpour, B.W. Karney, and B.J. Adams (Canada)
578-102 Modification of Slot Model by Coinciding with the Lateral Model
S.K. Pandit, Y. Oka, N. Shigeta, and M. Watanabe (Japan)
578-106 Wide-Area Flood Inundation and Infrastructure Risk Assessment Simulation Framework
D. Judi, A. Kalyanapu, S. Burian, B. Daniel, and T. McPherson (USA)
Track Sustainable Use and Impacts FreeSubscription
578-008 Well Body Damages Caused by Land Subsidence at the Western Coastal of Taiwan
T.-W. Chang, P.-C. Lee, J.-L. Wu, and W.-K. Chien (Taiwan)
578-022 Relative Importance of Glacier Contributions to Streamflow in a Changing Climate
A. Rango (USA), J. Martinec (Switzerland), and R. Roberts (USA)
578-033 The Hyporheic Zone: Understanding the Paradigm
A.G. Bobba, B.G. Krishnappan, and P.A. Chambers (Canada)
578-034 Approaches to Harnessing Stormwater Reuse for Multipurpose Benefits
M. Madison and H. Emond (USA)
578-043 Water Saving Irrigation on Paddy Fields for Increasing Productivity and for Flood Reduction
J. Sujono (Indonesia)
578-047 Development of a Statistical Downscaling Approach for Projecting Future River Runoff from GCM Outputs
C.M. Liu, S.H. Lin, S.S. Lin, T.H. Yen, and J.T. Kuo (Taiwan)
578-054 A Circulation Apparatus to Reduce Evaporation and Enhance Water Quality of Surface Water Reservoirs
C.E. Bergman (USA)
578-070 Artificial Surf Reefs in Ireland: A Sustainable Solution for Coastal Protection?
R.C. Kane and L.W. Gill (Ireland)
578-072 Analysis of Operatable Spillway Releases for Optimal Flood Control
F.N.-F. Chou and H. Yen (Taiwan)
578-080 Water Sustainability in the United States: A Dynamic Appraisal of Quality and Quantity
P.F. Ricci (Australia, USA) and M. Moore (Australia)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The conference topics include, but are not limited to, the following themes: THEME 1: Water Supply and Sustainable Use - * Hydrological and Hydraulic Systems * onservation, Reuse, and Recycling * Demand Forecasting * Distribution and Optimization * Monitoring and Surveillance * Sourcing * Water Quality Protection * Treatment o Solar Water Disinfection o Low-tech Filtration o Chemical Disinfection * Diagnostic Techniques * Storage * Reclamation * Eco-hydrology * Water Augmentation * Water Use o Aquaculture o Domestic o Recreation o Transportation o Industrial o Agriculture/Irrigation o Hydropower; THEME 2: Wastewater and Stormwater Management - * Containment and Collection * Modelling and Simulation * Integrated Urban Water Management * Stormwater Prediction * Stormwater Treatment o Permeable Pavement o Grass Swales o Constructed Wetlands * Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment o Ultraviolet o Nanotechnologies o Aquaculture * Instrumentation and Automation * Sludge Handling * Performance Evaluation * Data Analysis and Visualization Software * Wastewater Reuse * Wastewater and Stormwater Discharge * Total Maximum Daily Loading * Extreme Events; THEME 3: Integrated Watershed Management - * Watershed Policy and Planning * Capacity building * Hydroinformatics * Remote Sensing and Sensor Evaluation * Groundwater Mapping * In-stream Flow Needs * Flood Forecasting Techniques * Impact of Flooding * Best Management Practices * Cumulative Impacts Assessment * Geographic Information Systems * Climate Change Effects * Point and Non-point Source Pollution * Transportation and Fate of Pollutants * Remediation and Restoration * International Rivers; THEME 4: Pollution Prevention and Reduction in Industry - * Pollution Abatement Technology * Environmental Management Systems * Impact and Risk Assessments * Life Cycle Analysis * Industrial Ecology * Persistent organic pollutants * Cost/benefit Analysis * Biotechnology * Cleaner Production * Technology Transfers * Regulations and Enforcement * Partnerships; THEME 5: Issues in Implementing Environmentally Sound Technologies - * Planning and Management * Maintenance * Institutional Issues * Policy issues * Socio-Economic and Cultural Issues * Legal Issues * Training and Education * Financial Issues.

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