Policy Assessment for Conjuctive-Use of Surface and Subsurface Water using System Dynamics

C.-C. Ho, C.-C. Yang, L.-C. Chang, W.-Y. Leung, and M.-S. Yeh (Taiwan)


Supply distribution, system dynamics, system expansion, capacity expansion


The conjunctive use of surface and subsurface water is used commonly for offering stable supplies in water resources management. Owing to the water distribution problem is spatial dependency and temporal dependency, the new water resource intervention make system getting more complicated. Conventionally, ‘optimization distribution model’ has been taken to solve such complex allocation problem. However, the determination of constraints and objective functions must be under the settled system and the resolving process is subject to the selected optimal methodology. Hence, ‘optimization distribution model’ is difficult to solve the problem of capacity expansion and system expansion caused by policy postponed This study provides a powerful object oriented simulation model, system dynamics, alternative to optimization distribution model for representing complexity and variation of systems and analyzing their dynamics behavior. This approach uses a perspective based on stock flow diagram which exploit system structure and operation procedures simultaneously hidden in modelers mind.. Finally, a case study in southern Taiwan is adopted herein to show the flexible and versatile of proposed approach.

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