Sediment Outflow from Nocrop and Sunflower Crop Lands under Varying Hydrotopographic and Land Treatment Conditions

A. Kumar, J.K. Singh, and B.K. Nanda (India)


Sediment outflow, hydrotopographic, land treatment, and cropping system


Laboratory study was conducted to observe sediment outflow from lands without any crop, sunflower cropped lands and lands with treatments under varying hydrologic and topographic conditions. Variable land slope and rainfall intensity were obtained by using slope adjusting mechanism on a slope adjusting hydraulic flume of 10m x 1.2m size and rainfall simulation system respectively. The land slope was varied from 0% to 5% and simulated rainfall intensity was varied in the range of 6.30 to 17.0 cmh-1 . The soil material used in this study consisted of 51.6% sand, 30% silt and 18.4% clay and falls in the category of sandy loam. The sediment outflow was observed for various combinations of land slope, rainfall intensity, land treatment and cropping system by collecting small representative runoff samples and analyzing them for sediment by using oven drying method. A comparative analysis was then performed to ascertain sediment outflow pattern from these lands for study variables.

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