Hydrologic Response Evaluation of Ungauged Sub-Watersheds in Generation of Total Runoff from a Watershed

J.K. Singh (India) and S.H.R. Sadeghi (Iran)


Modelling & simulation, reverse flood routing, partial contribution


The importance of estimation of contributions from different sub-watersheds in generation of total runoff from a watershed is progressively realized when either the sub watersheds are not properly gauged or the reliable data are not available. In this study, an attempt was made to develop a procedure through which the outflow hydrograph belonging to each sub-watershed / area can be effectively determined. The technique, named as reverse routing technique (RRT), was developed by combining the application of Muskingum channel routing and partial ratios techniques. The study has been carried out in the Amameh watershed in Iran with 12 sub-watersheds/ areas. The developed approach was reliably applied for some solved problems also. The recorded hydrologic data and geographical information of the Amameh watershed were used for determination of partial contribution of different sub-watersheds in generation of total runoff from the study area. A high degree of affinity was observed between estimated hydrographs and recorded data which verifies satisfactory application of the developed approach in estimation of runoff.

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