Hydrologic-Hydraulic-Ecologic Resource Sheds

T.E. Croley II, J.F. Atkinson, and D.F. Raikow (USA)


Water supply distribution and nonpoint source mapping.


We can quantify source areas contributing material to a location during various time periods as resource sheds. Various kinds of resource sheds and their source material distributions are defined. For watershed hydrology, we compute resource sheds and their source material distri butions with a spatially distributed hydrology model by tracing material departing from a cell (say 1 km2 ) over one time interval and arriving at the watershed mouth in another time interval. This requires modeling all cells, but only tracing contributions from one at a time. By then combining these simulations for all cell loadings, we con struct a map of the contributions over the entire watershed for specific departure and arrival time intervals. We then combine results of several sets of simulations to deter mine the source distribution for any time period and infer resource sheds from these mappings. For lake circulation, we discuss the construction of resource sheds and their source distributions in the lake, by using lake circulation models to drive particle tracers in reverse time, and sub sequent correction. We present Maumee watershed ex amples, discuss methods of computation reduction and linkage with lake circulation models, construct joint re source sheds in Lake Erie, and suggest areas of extension.

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