Approaches to Harnessing Stormwater Reuse for Multipurpose Benefits

M. Madison and H. Emond (USA)


Stormwater reuse, irrigation, infiltration, and Hawaii.


With the application of innovative approaches and technologies, stormwater can become a new source of water for municipalities and private enterprises. This was demonstrated in the appraisal investigation of potential stormwater reclamation opportunities in the State of Hawaii. Potential uses for reclaimed stormwater include crop irrigation, saltwater intrusion barrier, potable water, habitat base flow augmentation, ambient water quality, gray water reuse, aquifer recharge, and recreation. The types of technologies to consider are small lot reuse, source reuse, stormwater capture, stormwater storage, and stormwater distribution. Opportunities are affected by demand and pricing. Research and demonstration studies are necessary to establish that public health and safety are maintained with the use of reclaimed stormwater. The physical relationships between supply and demand that need to be evaluated are seasonality, volume, timing, spatial separation, changing local conditions, sediment, temperature, capture locations and mechanisms, areas of application, and delivery locations and mechanisms. Example project concepts include For example, on Hawaii Island, stormwater interception and storage for addition to an existing irrigation distribution system on the Island of Hawaii, or installation of a deep infiltration trench to capture stormwater from urban development and introduce it into a brackish aquifer used for irrigation on Oahu.

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