Analysis of Operatable Spillway Releases for Optimal Flood Control

F.N.-F. Chou and H. Yen (Taiwan)


Flood control operation, spillway gate opening, integer programming.


The flood control releases of a reservoir can be derived in two steps. First, the inflow hydrograph of the reservoir is estimated by a rainfall-runoff model. After that, the releases may be devised by optimal flood control analysis. It may neglect operational restrictions of spillway gates in optimization analysis to obtain the optimal releases of flood control in time. However, the recommended releases of optimization analysis always do not match with the operatable gate releases in practice. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the actual releases of spillway to be the same amount of flood as recommended optimal releases. In this paper, integer programming is applied to solve the operatable gate releases of Tsengwen Reservoir in Taiwan. This analysis is useful for engineers to deal with the practical flood control operation of a reservoir.

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