Fast Vertical Handover Mechanism for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks

P.-S. Kim, S.-E. Kim, J.S. Jin, S.-C. Lee, and S.H. Lee


Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6), Hierarchical MIPv6 (HMIPv6), Fast handover MIPv6 (FMIPv6), Vertical Handover, Heterogeneous Access Networks.


In this paper, a fast vertical handover mechanism for the hierarchical Mobile IPv6 (HMIPv6) is proposed in heterogeneous wireless access networks. Firstly, a new vertical handover HMIPv6 mechanism is proposed for IP mobility, which is called the VHO-HMIPv6. In the proposed VHO-HMIPv6, the global mobility management is performed for vertical handover between heterogeneous access networks and the local mobility management is performed for horizontal handover within each access network. Accordingly, the latency and signaling overhead problem in MIPv6 could be improved considerably while the MN is moving within the mobility anchor point domain for each access network. Secondly, to reduce vertical handover latency, the fast handover strategy is supported for proposed VHO-HMIPv6, which is called the fast vertical handover HMIPv6 (FVHO-HMIPv6). Finally, the analysis for handover latency is shown for the proposed two mechanisms, which shows the proposed FVHO-HMIPv6 can reduce remarkably the handover latency of the proposed VHO-MIPv6.

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