Communication Systems, Networks, and Applications    (CSNA 2007)

October 8 – 10, 2007
Beijing, China
Editor(s): P. Fan, J. Li
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Track Network Architecture FreeSubscription
572-067 Fast Vertical Handover Mechanism for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks
P.-S. Kim, S.-E. Kim, J.S. Jin, S.-C. Lee, and S.H. Lee
572-070 Networked Intelligent Control System using Smart MCC & LonWorks/Ethernet Server for Operating Multi-Induction Motor of Industrial Field
W.P. Hong and W. Dunford
572-071 Bandwidth Optimization Control Protocol for 4G Wireless Mobile Internet
X. Li, R. Salleh, and A.-S. Mahmoud
572-072 A Spontaneous Sensor Network Architecture based on OSGI and XML
A. Lin and Z. Miao
572-085 Individual Workforce Scheduling Architecture: A Case Study at KT
D.C. Lee
572-102 Efficient Packet Replication and Switching of Multicast Traffic by Shared-Crosspoint Packet Switches
Z. Dong and R. Rojas-Cessa
572-104 Implementation of a Parallel-Search Trie-based Scheme for Fast IP Lookup
R. Rojas-Cessa, L. Ramesh, Z. Dong, B. D'Alessandro, and N. Ansari
572-117 COSE: Combined Opportunistic Scheduling and Encoding Strategy for Network Coding
Y. Ma, W. Li, P. Fan, K.B. Letaief, and X. Liu
572-159 Performance Analysis of High-Speed TCP Protocols BIC and CUBIC with AQM in Lossy Networks
M. Escheikh and K. Barkaoui
572-161 Impact of Bounded Delays on Resource Consumption in VoIP Networks
L. Wang and P.K. Verma
Track Broadband Communications FreeSubscription
572-021 Fast Image Compression based on (2D)2 PCA
N. Wang, X. Li, S.-y. Li, and Y.-j. Cui
572-041 Code Tracking Loop using RAKE Reception in DS/SS System and Application for DS/UWB System
S. Tachikawa and K. Oyama
572-043 Characteristics of M-ary/OFDM Communication Systems
H. Murata and S. Tachikawa
572-055 A MIMO Receiver for WiMAX System
X. Yu
572-075 Robust Nonlinear Echo Canceller with Adaptive Volterra Filter Applying VAD and Echo-Path Delay Estimation
M.A. Tinati, T.Y. Rezaii, and A. Rastegarnia
572-086 Receive Antenna Selection Algorithm to Improve Error Performance in MIMO Systems with Linear Receivers
M.A. Tinati, A. Rastegarnia, and T.Y. Rezaii
572-091 Evaluation of Microbending Loss and Refractive Index Changes Due to Temperature Rise and Young's Modulus Variations of Coating Material in Double-Coated Optical Fibers
F.E. Seraji and G. Toutian
572-101 Capacity and Fairness of an Ad Hoc IEEE 802.11 Cell with Sophisticated Noncooperative Stations
J. Konorski
572-157 Low Complexity LDPC Decoding Scheme for DMB-TH
M. Li and J. Yang
572-162 Numerical Simulation of Multi-Access Interference in 2D Optical CDMA System with Bipolar Codewords
J. Chovan and F. Uherek
Track Network Security FreeSubscription
572-079 Stronger Authentication in e-Commerce: How to Protect Even Nave User against Phishing, Pharming, and MITM Attacks
C. Latze and U. Ultes-Nitsche
572-118 Study of Encrypted and Non-Encrypted BitTorrent Traffic
V. Rizza and H. Shi
572-135 Security System for Passive IP Devices on SIP based Network
J.J. Kong, D. Lou, and T. Yeap
572-140 Secure Roaming of Key Association Scheme Providing Perfect Forward Secrecy in IEEE 802.16
Y. Cui, S. Kim, and K. Oh
572-150 A Novel Audio Digital Watermarking Algorithm based on U Systems
J. Zou and J. Zhang
572-158 A Novel Video Scrambling Algorithm based on the Generalized Fibonacci Transformations
J. Zhou and Z. Chen
572-163 Worldwide Authentication and Tracking: A Secured Mobile Payment System Implemented using a Biometrics Approach
H. Lu, F. Clart-Tournier, C. Chatwin, and R. Young
Track Wireless Network FreeSubscription
572-056 Modulation Optimization of PPM Scheme in Rayleigh Channels for WSN
Q. Tang and T. Qin
572-061 Four-Sector WiMAX Subscriber Antenna Prototypes for 2.6 GHz and 3.45 GHz
P. Ritosa and T. Korosec
572-062 A Frequency and Polarization Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna for Adaptive Wireless Networks
T. Korosec and P. Ritosa
572-121 Performance of Non-Binary LDPC-based Space-Time Coded OFDM Systems over Multiple Fading Channels
X.-l. Wu, J.-h. Ge, and Y. Wang
572-127 Zigbee Enabled Radio Frequency Identification System
H. Yang, F. Yao, and S.-H. Yang
572-128 Fault Tolerance Magnetic Coordinate Routing for Mobile Sinks Wireless Sensor Networks (FTMC)
S.-H. Chang, M. Merabti, and H.M. Mokhtar
572-142 Dynamic Frequency Selection for Cognitive Radios based on Game Theory
Z. Zhao, S. Zheng, S. Xu, and J. Shang
Track Multimedia Communications FreeSubscription
572-018 ICE - A Self-Organizing Infrastructure for a Flexible Service Management WITHIN Supply Chains
D. Berg, P. Sukjit, H. Unger, and J.G.M. Nicolaysen
572-046 Latency-Differentiable Start-Time Fair Queuing
T.J. Kim
572-052 Research and Development of Ubiquitous School Environment
M. Ogawa, T. Hirota, and T. Matsuzawa
572-069 Image Processing Algorithms in the Polar Coordinate System Applied in the Rice Inspection
M. Sun, S. Zhang, Y. Wei, and D. An
572-081 Influence of Sampling Jitter on Matched Filtering
L. Yin and J. Chen
572-093 Building Context into a Museum Information Guide
D. Bates, N. Linge, D. Parsons, R. Holgate, P. Webb, D. Hay, S.Wynn-Jones, A. Newson, and D. Ward
572-132 Web Mapping for Location based Decision Making
J. Zhang, H. Shi, and Y. Zhang
572-148 A Scalable Hybrid Overlay Multicast Scheme for IPTV Receivers in Subnet Dense Mode
D.-K. Kim, J.-B. Kim, W.-H. Lee, and K.-S. Yu
572-154 High-Performance Load Forecasting on Large-Scale VM-Type Thin Client System using Data Stream Processing Technology
K.-i. Fujiyama, K. Kida, N. Nakamura, M. Yanagisawa, and T. Takemura
572-167 Beyond Clickers: Design and Implementation of a Wireless Intelligent Personal Electronic Response (WIPER) System
K. Ganeshan
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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