Individual Workforce Scheduling Architecture: A Case Study at KT

D.C. Lee


Resource management, collaborative systems, workforce scheduling, dynamic scheduling


In a telco, technicians visit a number of customer sites per appointment to provide services or repair faults. Scheduling these technicians would be easy if there were a small number of tasks to do. However, in most cases, there are an excessive amount of tasks to complete and the number of technicians is not sufficient enough to tackle the challenge. In addition, customers have a variety of needs and each technician has a different skill level. To tackle this problem, KT had used team based dynamic scheduling system. However, this approach causes frequent appointment time changes, lowers operational efficiency and customer satisfaction down. Therefore, we propose individual dynamic scheduling architecture that the operators reserve appointments by an individual technician. We also developed technician selection algorithms to save time when the operators select a technician while taking customer’s call. The result of adopting the implemented scheduling system was successful from both financial and service quality perspectives.

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