Code Tracking Loop using RAKE Reception in DS/SS System and Application for DS/UWB System

S. Tachikawa and K. Oyama


DS/SS system, DS/UWB system, delay-lock loop, RAKE reception, tapped delay line.


This paper proposes a novel delay-lock loop (DLL) using RAKE reception in DS/SS system and its application for DS/UWB system. The system decreases the tracking jitter of DLL by applying RAKE reception and improves BER performance. A configuration and analysis of the proposed system are presented. By computer simulation results, the BER can be improved about 3.2 [dB] in DS/SS system. It is also shown the degradation of the delay time estimation by tapped delay line becomes a little. Next, the application to DS/UWB system is presented. Though its improvements are less than that of DS/SS system, the effect of the proposed DLL compared with a conventional one can be obtained.

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