Characteristics of M-ary/OFDM Communication Systems

H. Murata and S. Tachikawa


M-ary/SS, M-ary/OFDM, OFDM/CDMA, frequency interleaver


This paper proposes several M-ary/OFDM communication systems and evaluates their performances. Their systems are adapted M-ary/SS modulation to OFDM/CDMA systems. Three kinds of M-ary/OFDM systems, M-ary/MC-CDMA which is spread on frequency domain, MC-M-ary/CDMA which is spread on time domain, and M-ary/FT-CDMA which is combined two systems, i.e. spread on frequency and time domains are discussed. We evaluate BER performances of these systems by computer simulations. As a result, in a multi path fading channel, BER performance of M-ary/MC CDMA system is the best properties in three M ary/OFDM systems. Further, M-ary/MC-CDMA system with frequency interleaver is superior to a conventional MC-CDMA system when Eb/No becomes high.

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