A MIMO Receiver for WiMAX System

X. Yu


MIMO, Recursive Receiver, Turbo Codes.


A practical recursive MIMO receiver is presented in this paper, which can be applied to 3G+ or 4G systems such as 3GPP LTE and WiMAX (or IEEE802.16) where turbo and LDPC codes combined with high order QAM modulations are employed to achieve high data rate. This receiver contains two feedback loops from channel decoder, one is used for bit LLR refining and the other for interference cancellation or antenna beam-forming using recovered QAM symbols. In order to mitigate error propagation, feedback from channel decoder is a stream of ternary bits taking three possible values depending on associated soft decisions. A new method of bit LLR refining and QAM symbol recovery using the ternary bit stream is presented in detail. Simulation results indicate significant performance improvement can be achieved.

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