Low Complexity LDPC Decoding Scheme for DMB-TH

M. Li and J. Yang


LDPC, Decoder Architecture, PTDMP, Pipeline, DMB-TH


DMB-TH (or DMB-T) is China Digital Multimedia Broadcasting standard for terrestrial and handheld. It features the RS-based Low-Density Parity-Check Codes with two information symbols as its channel coding scheme. In this paper, we propose a low complexity decoding scheme using the pipelined block-serial scheduling of computation and turbo decoding message passing algorithm. Rearranging the order of each component code and using single port SRAM allows pipeline schedule between consecutive layers, which reduces the latency by 2~3 times. We use the modified 3λ min-sum algorithm with only 6 bits uniform quantization which can achieve the same BER as that of floating point Jacobian BCJR with less than 0.15 dB SNR penalty even with rate 0.4 QAM64 in the AWGN channel.

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