Receive Antenna Selection Algorithm to Improve Error Performance in MIMO Systems with Linear Receivers

M.A. Tinati, A. Rastegarnia, and T.Y. Rezaii


Multiple-antenna systems multiple-output (MIMO), antenna selection, linear receiver


In this paper, a receive antenna selection algorithm in MIMO systems with linear receivers is proposed. The number of selected antennas is not fixed and is chosen according to channel situation. This algorithm has iterative structure and uses a threshold in each step to find the antenna in the worst condition. In the first part of the algorithm (algorithm-A), there is no limitation for the number of selected antennas whereas for the second part (algorithm-B), the number of selected antennas in each step is upper bounded. In both parts, it is possible to adjust the performance by varying a threshold level. As the simulation results show, the algorithm-A has better error performance and the algorithm-B could be used for power saving purposes.

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