Performance of Non-Binary LDPC-based Space-Time Coded OFDM Systems over Multiple Fading Channels

X.-l. Wu, J.-h. Ge, and Y. Wang


LDPC codes based on binary extension fields, Space-time codes, OFDM, Rayleigh fading.


By concatenating a space-time block coded orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (STC-OFDM) scheme with powerful channel codes, the performance of STC-OFDM system can be further enhanced. In this paper, LDPC codes based on binary extension fields is used to a STC-OFDM system (called the new system), the performance of new system is evaluated and the comparisons are carried out between binary LDPC-based STC-OFDM system(old system) and the new system by simulation under the Addition White Gaussian Noise(AWGN) channels and multiple Raleigh fading channels. Result shows that with the aid of non binary LDPC codes the new system is superior to the old one under AWGN and multi-path Rayleigh fading channels, the performance gets better as the field order increases, but the computational complexity is increased also. ( 2 , 1b GF q b= > )

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