Influence of Sampling Jitter on Matched Filtering

L. Yin and J. Chen


Sampling jitter, matched filtering, and digital receiver


In software defined radio (SDR), implementation of radio frequency (RF) front-end and analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is an important issue. One eclectic way for SDR is intermediate frequency sampling digital receiver (IFSDR). But IFSDR still has the problem of sampling jitter in ADC. In order to investigate the influence of sampling jitter on the performance of IFSDR, this paper analyzed the jitter influence on matched filter, which is designed for the wave pattern of input signal to maximize signal noise ratio (SNR). By deducing the expression of expectation and variance for matched filtering output noise, its statistic property is theoretically analyzed. And numerical simulation is also conducted, whose results agree well with the theoretical analysis. Moreover, the theoretical result is applied to evaluate the effect of sampling jitter on IFSDR performance.

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