Identification of Lifted Models for General Dual-Rate Sampled-Data Systems based on Input-Output Data

P. Qin, S. Kanae, Z.-J. Yang, K. Wada, and L. Jia


Dual-rate sampled-data system, Lifting technique, Lifted model, Causality constraints, N4SID algorithms


In this paper, we consider the identification problem for a dual-rate system in which the input sampling period may differ from that of the output. Based on the lifting oper ators, a lifted system which is equivalent to the original dual-rate system can be derived so that a lifted state-space model can be obtained which maps the relations between the dual-rate input-output data. Then the numerical sub space state-space identification (N4SID) algorithm is modi fied and used to identify the lifted state-space model, taking the causality constraints of the lifted system into account. Finally, numerical studies are included to show the excel lent numerical performance of the proposed algorithm.

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