Asian Modelling and Simulation    (AsiaMS 2007)

October 8 – 10, 2007
Beijing, China
Editor(s): L. Miao
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Track Algorithms FreeSubscription
571-032 Identification of Lifted Models for General Dual-Rate Sampled-Data Systems based on Input-Output Data
P. Qin, S. Kanae, Z.-J. Yang, K. Wada, and L. Jia
571-039 Study and Application on Dynamic Simulation Model of Single-Pressure Water-Cooled Condenser
N. Cui, B.-S. Wang, X.-Y. Gong, and W.-S. Zhao
571-062 A Changeable, Reconfigurable and Agile Assembly System using Walking Workers
Q. Wang, S. Lassalle, G.W. Owen, and A.R. Mileham
571-063 Simulation of Bending Vibration Effects on Attitude Control of a Flexible Launch Vehicle
J. Roshanian, A. Khaki-Sedigh, and A. Khoshnood
571-069 Analysis of Quarter-Car 2 Degree-of-Freedom Semiactive Systems
S.I. Ihsan, W.F. Faris, and M. Ahmadian
571-094 A Novel Approach for Modelling and Optimization of Vehicle Damper Performance based on Three Key Variables
M.N. Khajavi, M.H. Vakili, and N.B. Mostafa
571-095 Parameter Estimation for Harmonics by the Quadratic Interpolation
R.-C. Wu, T.-Y. Yang, and T.-C. Ou
571-098 Jacobian-based Derivation of Dynamics Equations of Elastic Parallel Manipulators
K. Stachera, F. Wobbe, and W. Schumacher
571-102 Testing Equivalence for Asymmetric x-Calculus
Z. Zhu and F. Zhong
Track Databases and Data Mining FreeSubscription
571-051 Linear Model Extraction of a Launch Vehicle by System Identification based on Six Degrees of Freedom Simulation
M. Tayefi, J. Roshanian, and M. Bahrami
571-079 Requirement Analysis for Emissions Trading Management Systems using a Simulation Approach
A. Kurkovsky
571-100 Application of Ontology-based Tools for Design of Multi-Agent Simulation Environments in Economics
E. Babkin, H. Abdulrab, and O. Kozyrev
571-103 Simulation of Current Circulations in the Gulf of Thailand
N. Aschariyaphotha, P. Wongwises, S. Wongwises, and U.W. Humphries
571-105 Stress Concentration of Shrink Fit Assembly using Finite Element Method
F. Martin, V.N. Le, H. Champliaud, and H.N. Nguyen
571-107 Model of Three-Tank Liquid System With Air Bubbles in Pipes
P. Chalupa and V. Bobl
571-801 Usage of the Contour Method in Measuring Residual Stress in Welding and Peen-Welding Applications
H. Nasri, J. Lanteigne, and H. Champliaud
571-802 Quality Function Deployment (QFD) based on Rough Sets Model
Liang Li, Q.-s. Guo, and Z.-m. Dong
Track Applications and Architecture FreeSubscription
571-012 Dynamic Modelling of a Serial Manipulator on Vector Fields
M.M. Fateh
571-014 Simulations of Modular Multipliers on FPGA
Y. Kong and B. Phillips
571-018 A Development of a System for Improving Learning Abilities by using a Neural Network and a Genetic Algorithm
K. Shin-ike and H. Iima
571-020 Simulation Study of CO2 Injection Modes - A Case Study
F.M. Nasir, N.M. Taib, M.F. Harun, and Y.Y. Chong
571-023 Dynamic Simulation Model for Non-Supplementary Firing Triple-Pressure Heat Recovery Steam Generator
N. Cui, B.-S. Wang, X.-Y. Gong, and J.-Q. Gao
571-049 Parallel Simulation of Chip-Multiprocessor by using Multi-Threading
Y.-s. L, L. Shen, Z.-y. Wang, and K. Dai
571-088 Simulation Model of a Rotary Expander of a Small Cogeneration Unit
E. Thndel
571-089 Modeling of Energy Storage Unit Installed in On-Site Generation Facility
L.T. Youn and K.H. Leem
571-099 Smooth vs. Pieced-Interval Dynamic Modeling of Impulsive Events in Multibody Mechanical Systems
Y.A. Khulief
Track Computer Networks and Communications FreeSubscription
571-030 A Scenario Description Language of Network Attack and Defense
X.-J. Li, C.-H. Xia, Li Li, and H.-Q. Wang
571-031 Ordinal Optimization Approach for Mixed Variable Nonlinear Optimization Problems of Large Network Systems
S.-Y. Lin and C.-H. Lin
571-035 Simulation of Source-Specific Multicast used in Large-Scale IPTV Broadcasting
D. Komosny, R. Burget, and V. Notovny
571-037 A Multi-Body Dynamics Approach to a Cable Simulation for Kites
J. Breukels and W.J. Ockels
571-038 A Model for the Interconnection and the Competition among Hosting and Virtual Network Operators
L. Cricelli, M. Grimaldi, and N. Levialdi
571-064 A Simplified Approach for Modelling and Simulation of Network Reconfiguration in Radial Distribution Systems
K. Prasad and N.C. Sahoo
571-096 Modeling Risk and Simulation-based Optimization of Channel Depths at Cam Pha Coal Port
N.M. Quy, J.K. Vrijling, P.H.A.J.M. Gelder, and R. Groenveld
571-800 Modeling of Ultrasonic and Acoustic Waves Propagation through 2D Lattice Structures
A. Michtchenko, J.A. Smith, and M. Ruzzene
Track Web Technologies and Software Engineering FreeSubscription
571-034 Back to Basic: Generating Test Cases from Source Codes
R. Ibrahim and T.K. Yong
571-040 Analyzing the One Dimensional Ising Model by Probabilistic Model Checking
T. Sekizawa, T. Tsuchiya, T. Kikuno, and K. Takahashi
571-047 Modeling of Secure Data Extraction in ETL Processes using UML 2.0
M. Mrunalini, D.E. Geetha, T.V.S. Kumar, and K.R. Kanth
571-081 Modeling on Intergrated Platform for Logistics Planning
X. Hu
571-082 Formal Modeling and Verification of Shop Floor Controller Logics
D. Thapa, C.M. Park, S.C. Park, and G.-N. Wang
571-097 Sustainable Development of Nautical Tourism: Case of Croatia
A. Munitić, V. Vidučić, F. Mitrović, and L. Vidučić
571-104 Design of Mini BLDC Motor Controller Based on Psim Simulation
Y. Tao, S.-J. Park, K.-S. Jung, and C.-J. Moon
Track Other Paper FreeSubscription
571-046 Simulation Modelling as a Dynamic Operational Decision Support Tool for Manufacturing Systems
L. Wang and H. Ismail
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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The topics of interest include, but are not limited to: MODELLING * Model Development * Bond Graph Modelling * Numerical Methods * Mathematical Modelling * Physically-based Modelling * Agent-based Modelling * Dynamic Modelling * Continuous and Discrete Methodologies * Time Series Analysis * Information Communications Technologies * Applications of Simulation in: o Engineering o Environment o Socio-Economic Applications o Other areas * Verificiation, Validation, and Testing SIMULATION * Simulation Tools and Languages * Discrete Event Simulation * Object-Oriented Implementation * Web-based Simulation * Monte Carlo Simulation * Distributed Simulation * Simulation Optimization * Simulation Uncertainty * Visualization * Virtual Reality * Verificiation, Validation, and Testing.

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