Study and Application on Dynamic Simulation Model of Single-Pressure Water-Cooled Condenser

N. Cui, B.-S. Wang, X.-Y. Gong, and W.-S. Zhao


simulation, dynamic model, modular modelling, condenser, fault symptom library


By using the modular modeling method, a dynamic simulation model for single-pressure water-cooled condenser is developed to adapt various operation conditions. According to the structure characteristic of the condenser and physics property of working-medium in the condenser, the inner working space of condenser is divided into different sections. Based on the heat and mass balance, and fundamental theories of thermodynamic, heat transfer and fluid mechanics theories, the mathematics models of each section are described. The influences of the different factors such as the condenser structure, the working-medium physics property change on the flow and heat transfer process are discussed. The condenser real-time simulation model is set up by integrating the simulation module of every section. The engineering practice and simulation tests show that this model is practicable. It is can be used for fossil-fired power unit simulator development, and for the establishment of condenser fault symptom library. This model also provides a tool for analyzing the off-design conditions of the power unit steam condensers.

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