Simulation of Bending Vibration Effects on Attitude Control of a Flexible Launch Vehicle

J. Roshanian, A. Khaki-Sedigh, and A. Khoshnood


Flexible launch vehicle; Bending vibration; Recursive least square; Notch filter


Simulation of bending vibration effects on a two-stage launch vehicle and design of a new adaptive algorithm to reduce the flexible behaviours are discussed in this paper. The new adaptive algorithm uses recursive least square (RLS) method and two notch filters for decoupling rigid and flexible dynamic of the launch vehicle, estimating the bending frequency and reducing vibration effects. Applying this adaptive controller to the launch vehicle control system satisfied all design requirements. As the designed adaptive controller decouples rigid and flexible dynamics for estimating the bending frequency, it is simpler and faster than the other approaches and uses less CPU- capacity. The proposed approach validated by developing 6DoF nonlinear simulation software.

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