Dynamic Simulation Model for Non-Supplementary Firing Triple-Pressure Heat Recovery Steam Generator

N. Cui, B.-S. Wang, X.-Y. Gong, and J.-Q. Gao


simulation, dynamic model, modular modelling, HRSG


By using the modular modeling method, a real-time dynamic simulation model for the non-supplementary tri-pressure reheat Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) is developed. On the basis of mass and energy conservation law, the paper discusses the model algorithms of the evaporator system and single-phase medium heat transfer system in HRSG according to its work mechanism and characteristics. Along with the related modular algorithm, the real-time simulation model, which the simulated object is a non-supplementary tri-pressure reheat HRSG applied in the F class combined cycle power unit in China, is built on the STAR-90 simulation system platform developed by North China Electric Power University. The simulation tests show that the dynamic simulation model can accurately simulate the transient behavior of the simulated object. It also has good static precision and generic characteristics. The model can be used for the combined cycle unit simulator development, and provides a useful tool for the control system design and analysis of the HRSG.

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