A Scenario Description Language of Network Attack and Defense

X.-J. Li, C.-H. Xia, Li Li, and H.-Q. Wang


Scenario; Computer network attack/defense; Description language


Most simulations and experiments on large-scale computer network security are based on pre-designed scenarios. Computer network attack/defense scenario consists of Computer Network Attack Scenario (CNAS), Computer Network Defense Scenario (CNDS) and Network Environment Configure Scenario (NECS). In this paper, a scenario description language is constructed using Context-Free Grammar (CFG), to describe the planned commands and network environments in exercises and to create corresponding operational commands for network configurations and simulation programs in the security simulation systems. Using the scenario description language, we develop a prototype system on the simulation platform, GTNetS. The experimental results show that the language can describe concepts of attack/defense explicitly and that the system based on the language can accomplish tasks on the simulation platform successfully.

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