Modeling of Ultrasonic and Acoustic Waves Propagation through 2D Lattice Structures

A. Michtchenko, J.A. Smith, and M. Ruzzene


Modeling and Simulation methodologies; Finite Element Methods; Ultrasonic testing of lattice structural materials; Visualization


Effective non-destructive testing techniques for modern lattice structural materials are in great demand. Amongst the more successful tecniques are ultrasonic and acoustic testing. The focus of this paper is the simulation of wave propagation through 2D lattice structures. This simulation helps to optimize the design of ultrasonic/acoustic testing techniques (e.g. find optimal response and excitation points), as well as outline the boundaries of applicability for the testing. An ultrasonic propagation model for lattices composed of beam structures is developed and implemented in Matlab to obtain a computationally efficient and flexible simulation tool. This paper describes application of the code to the simulation of wave propagation through 2D lattice structures of various geometry. The considerations presented can be applied for the investigation of wave propagation in various complex structural systems, such as honeycombs, panels with periodic reinforcements and other. The code can be extended to simulate propagation in 3D assemblies to cover a wider range of configurations.

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