Back to Basic: Generating Test Cases from Source Codes

R. Ibrahim and T.K. Yong


Software Testing, Source Codes, Test Cases, Parser, Token


Through the years, the complexity and the size of a system are growing. Thus, to perform a testing with manual creation of test cases is very time consuming. This is because developer or tester will need to manually look into the source codes, line by line, to define the test cases. Moreover, manual creation of test cases does not increase reliability of testing the source codes. For example, tester may perhaps miss or fail to define some of the possible test cases if they are not aware of it. Furthermore, manual creation of test cases based on source codes is also high costing. This paper discusses a system that generates test cases automatically based on program source codes. This system is able to scan the program source codes, line by line, and check the syntaxes of the source codes. Then, the codes are parsed using the parser to generate the test cases based on detected tokens. The purpose of generating test cases automatically is to reduce the cost of testing the system.

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