Modeling of Secure Data Extraction in ETL Processes using UML 2.0

M. Mrunalini, D.E. Geetha, T.V.S. Kumar, and K.R. Kanth


Extraction-Transformation-Loading (ETL), Distributed systems, UML, Security, Non-functional requirements


One of the major causes for developing distributed systems is wide variety of target domain and project characteristics. Especially to implement security policies required for such software systems become more complicated. Modeling of these types of scenarios with security constraints is crucial in producing quality software. The scenario is more complicated in case of ETL processes. In this paper, we propose an object oriented approach using UML 2.0 for secure data extraction in ETL processes. We exploit the features of UML 2.0 for modeling the complex features to implement security policies. We discuss the validity of the model using a case study on Banking application.

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