Autonomous Coordination Technology for Correlated Services Access to Achieve High-Assurance in Seamless Information Integration System

X. Lu and K. Mori (Japan)


Faded Information Field (FIF), Push/Pull-MA, au


The market and users’ requirements have been rapidly changing and diversified. Under these heterogeneous and dynamic situations, not only the system structure itself, but also the accessible information services would be changed constantly. To meet users’ multi-service requests with high-assurance, the autonomous network-based informa tion services integration system based on the Faded Infor mation Field (FIF) architecture has been proposed. How ever, the increase in the total number of users’ requests and changes in the users’ preferences cause the unbalancing load in the system and the overload in the locality. In this paper, based on the autonomous access distribution in the locality, a new approach of autonomous correlated services access is proposed to reduce the load of the system and achieve the adaptability and timeliness of correlated ser vices utilization. We proved the effectiveness of the pro posed technology through the simulation and the results show that the system can improve the average response time.

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