Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks    (PDCN 2008)

February 12 – 14, 2008
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): H. Burkhart
278 pages
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Track Software Development and Middleware FreeSubscription
597-017 Autonomous Coordination Technology for Correlated Services Access to Achieve High-Assurance in Seamless Information Integration System
X. Lu and K. Mori (Japan)
597-035 Design and Performance Evaluation of Enhanced Two-Level Recovery Scheme
Ch.D.V. Subba Rao and M.M. Naidu (India)
597-046 Implicit and Explicit Transactions in a Distributed Transactional Memory System
M. Schöttner, M. Sonnenfroh, S. Frenz, S. Gerold, and P. Schulthess (Germany)
597-047 Program Overlays Revisited
B.R. Gaster (UK)
597-090 Passive Testing for Reverse Engineering: Specification Recovery
K.M. Brzezinski, A. Gumieniak, and P. Jankowski (Poland)
Track Cluster and Grid Computing FreeSubscription
597-022 Timeslot-based Resource Management in Grid Environments
C. Barz, U. Bornhauser, P. Martini, and M. Pilz (Germany)
597-025 Deployment of Grids through Integrated Configuration Management
R.O. Sinnott, J. Muhammad, and W. Yuxiang (UK)
597-039 Asynchronous Query Mechanisms WITHIN the GRelC Data Access Service
S. Fiore, M. Cafaro, S. Vadacca, A. Negro, E. Verdesca, M. Mirto, and G. Aloisio (Italy)
597-059 Self-Adapting Credit-based Server Load Balancing
L. Schneidenbach, B. Schnor, J. Zinke, and J. Lehmann (Germany)
597-071 SAML-based Federated Authentication and Authorization Scheme for Cross-Domain Grid Services
S. Tang, S. Shen, and K. Xue (PRC)
597-075 Enhancing Security in Grids through Self-Restricted Delegation of Rights with User-based Policies
S. Piger, C. Kunz, C. Grimm, and R. Groeper (Germany)
597-080 Model based Data Access in Mobile Grid Applications
M. Thonhauser, C. Kreiner, and S. Kremser (Austria)
597-092 Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization on Grid Environments
S. Panica, D. Petcu, and D. Zaharie (Romania)
597-804 Transformation Procedure for Paternal and Pathology Voices
H. Balgacem, M. Talbi, and A. Cherif (Tunisia)
Track Mobile Computing and Networks FreeSubscription
597-006 An Analysis of a New MAC Protocol for Real-Time Sensor Networks with Critical Transmitting Range
J. Martyna (Poland)
597-023 Channel Reservation for Transmission Power Controlled WLANs
J. Hiltunen and T. Frantti (Finland)
597-032 G-AODV+PCMTAG: Routing in MANET with Low Overhead Flooding and Route-Shortening
T. Seyama and H. Higaki (Japan)
597-042 The Mobile Router Extension Method for Local Network and Secure Wireless Spot Access
K. Tasaka, N. Imai, M. Isomura, A. Idoue, and H. Horiuchi (Japan)
597-044 Evaluation of Dynamic Clustering Architecture for Utilising Mobile Resources
S. Isaiadis and V. Getov (UK)
597-068 Comparison of System Parameters of Free Space Optical Links in 850 nm and 1550 nm Optical Windows
A. Prokes and M. Sigmund (Czech Republic)
597-077 Regular Topologies Application on Multilevel Networks
J.M.G. Lopez, M. Imine, O.B. Madsen (Denmark), and R. Cuevas Rumin (Spain)
597-087 Real-Time Communication and Admission Control over Responsive Link
Y. Fujita, S. Kato, and N. Yamasaki (Japan)
Track Web Technologies FreeSubscription
597-019 XServices Notification Bus: A Web Services Notification Implementation
J. Liu, W. Li, and D. Ma (PRC)
597-036 Interest-based Overlay Construction and Message Routing in Service-Oriented Peer-to-Peer Networks
M. Amoretti, M. Agosti, and F. Zanichelli (Italy)
597-040 Semantic and Cooperative Document Delivery over Distributed Systems
D. Coquil, H. Kosch (Germany), and L. Brunie (France)
597-056 Frequent Itemset Creation using Sequence Association Rule
J.-C. Yun and S.-D. Youn (Korea)
597-084 PAAM: A Web Services Oriented Architecture for the Adaptation of Composed Multimedia Documents
Z.I. Kazi-Aoul, I. Demeure, and J.-C. Moissinac (France)
Track Parallel and Distributed Algorithms and Programming FreeSubscription
597-011 Using Cluster Computing to Solve a Real-World FAP Problem
J.M. Chaves-González, D. Domínguez-González, M.A. Vega-Rodríguez, J.A. Gómez-Pulido, and M. Sánchez-Pérez (Spain)
597-014 Design and Implementation of a Graphical User Interface for Stream-based Distributed Computing
S. Yamagiwa, D. Antão, and L. Sousa (Portugal)
597-020 Exploiting Training Example Parallelism with a Batch Variant of the ART 2 Classification Algorithm
P. Ciechanowicz, S. Dlugosz, H. Kuchen, and U. Müller-Funk (Germany)
597-038 An Incremental Algorithm for Distributed Minimum Weight Triangulation
G. Pipan and B. Slivnik (Slovenia)
597-058 A Quantum Algorithm for Finding Length of Shortest Path in the Connected Weighted Graph
M.S. Emami, M.R.F. Tabasi, and H. Keshmiri (Iran)
597-061 Parallelizing Neural Network Training for Cluster Systems
G. Dahl, A. McAvinney, and T. Newhall (USA)
597-067 Skeletons for Divide and Conquer Algorithms
M. Poldner and H. Kuchen (Germany)
597-076 Parallel Computing of Directly-Extended Density Matrix Renormalization Group to Two-Dimensional Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems
S. Yamada, M. Okumura, and M. Machida (Japan)
597-085 A Model-Driven Approach for Data Collection in Sensor Networks
G. Singh and S. Pujar (USA)
Track Resource Allocation FreeSubscription
597-002 A Partitioning Method of Balancing CPU Utilization of Servers in DVE
D. Won (Korea), T. Li (PRC), B. Kim, D. An, and S. Chung (Korea)
597-015 Improving the Load Balance for Hybrid Partitioning Scheme by Directing Hybrid Queries
A. Abusukhon (UK) and M. Talib (Botswana)
597-030 Optimal Real-Time Scheduling for Efficient Aperiodic Services on Multiprocessors
K. Funaoka, S. Kato, and N. Yamasaki (Japan)
597-031 Soft Real-Time Scheduling with Tardiness Bounds on Prioritized SMT Processors
A. Takeda, K. Funaoka, S. Kato, and N. Yamasaki (Japan)
597-043 Dynamic Energy Aware Task Scheduling for Periodic Tasks using Expected Execution Time Feedback
S. Pawaskar and H.H. Ali (USA)
597-045 An Approximate Algorithm for Three-Criteria Replica Allocation Problem in WAN
M. Markowski and A. Kasprzak (Poland)
597-074 An Experimental Approach for Job Scheduling Optimization to Improve the System Usage Efficiency
R. Ito (Japan)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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This publication covers the following topics: Parallel Computing Systems; Supercomputing; Cluster Computing; High Performance Computing; Mobile Computing; Personal Computing; Heterogeneous Computing; Web Technologies; Interconnection Networks; Optical Networks; Broadband Networks; Wireless Networks; Computer Networks; IP and ATM Networks; Architectures; Algorithms; Parallel Programming; Parallel Processing; Distributed Multimedia; Internet Tools; Reusability; Reliability; Protocols; Routing; Planning; Scheduling; Queuing Systems; Resource Allocation; Communications; Modelling and Simulation; Distributed Real-Time Systems; Distributed Databases; Distributed Knowledge-based Systems; Data Mining; Data Warehousing; Operating Systems; Compilers; Fault Tolerance; Performance Evaluation; Optimization; Real-Time Embedded Systems; Memory and I/O Systems; Applications; and Grid Computing.

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