Asynchronous Query Mechanisms WITHIN the GRelC Data Access Service

S. Fiore, M. Cafaro, S. Vadacca, A. Negro, E. Verdesca, M. Mirto, and G. Aloisio (Italy)


Grid Database, Grid Data Access Service, Asynchronous Query, GRelC DAS


Grid applications need to access, integrate, manage and process huge amount of data stored within distributed and heterogeneous databases. In order to develop high level data grid services able to federate/integrate data sources, low level grid data access services must be very modular and extensible as well as very efficient and robust. In the last few years several projects provided different grid enabled services trying to face these important challenges. One of them is the GRelC Project which provides the GRelC Data Access Service solution to access both relational and non-relational data sources in a grid environment. In this paper we highlight the asynchronous query mechanisms provided by the GRelC Data Access Service, a WS-I based and GSI/VOMS enabled data grid access service. We also report on the architectural design issues, one example of web enabled asynchronous query (HTML query), the user support, etc.

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