Channel Reservation for Transmission Power Controlled WLANs

J. Hiltunen and T. Frantti (Finland)


Wireless networks, WLAN, transmission power control, channel reservation


In this paper is presented an improved channel reservation algorithm for transmission power controlled IEEE 802.11b WLAN. The power control algorithm adjusts transmission power of mobile stations, which operate in an infrastructure DCF mode. The purpose of the power control algorithm is to maintain received signal power of power controlled frames on a nominal power level under the influence of channel fluctuations. The introduced algorithm is based on absolute power level coding of power control commands and the length of the command word was minimized to four bits per power controlled frame. The advantage of the developed power control algorithm is considerable energy saving and the disadvantage is decreased network through put. Channel reservation was modified for better overall performance with the power control. The better perfor mance was realized especially in the channel occupancy fairness between the contending stations.

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