The Mobile Router Extension Method for Local Network and Secure Wireless Spot Access

K. Tasaka, N. Imai, M. Isomura, A. Idoue, and H. Horiuchi (Japan)


Mobile computing, mobile IP, network mobility, wireless network, and local network


Road service providers are eager to distribute local contents to users under wireless LAN spots. We have developed a mobile router that supports continuous connection to the Internet for a moving network. However, the existing mobile router has some issues. One issue is that it cannot provide connectivity to local networks for the moving network because it must connect to a home agent on the Internet. On the other hand, it also has an issue regarding handover in secure wireless LAN spots. It sends control packets to the home agent just after receiving an IP address from an access network even when authentication is requested above the IP layer. During the authentication, it cannot perform handover because control packets drop in these spots. In this paper, we therefore propose an extension method of the existing mobile router to simultaneously access both the Internet and local networks and to shorten the time of handover for the network that requests the authentication above the IP layer. We also implemented the proposed system and evaluated the performance to show the effectiveness from the viewpoint of the time to access the wireless LAN spots and the time for handover.

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