Real-Time Communication and Admission Control over Responsive Link

Y. Fujita, S. Kato, and N. Yamasaki (Japan)


Real-Time Communication, Responsive Link, Multihop Network, Schdulability Analysis, Admission Control


This paper presents a framework of real-time communica tions over Responsive Link, which is one of the communi cation standards for real-time networks. In the Responsive Link, each packet has a priority at the hardware level and higher-prioritized packets can overtake lower-prioritized packets on network switches. Although Responsive Link is suitable for real-time communication in multihop net works, it is necessary for Responsive Link to be managed by software in order to establish the sufficient number of connections with timing constraints. In our approach, the communication delay of any connection is guaranteed by the admission control before the transmission to meet the timing constraints of any message which belong to the con nection. We first introduce the notion of the virtual deadline assignment between two nodes lying side-by-side on the connection. We then propose an efficient admission control in which the virtual deadline is re-assigned. The simulation results show that the proposed methods improve the accep tance ratio of establishing the connections compared to a orthodox method.

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