Regular Topologies Application on Multilevel Networks

J.M.G. Lopez, M. Imine, O.B. Madsen (Denmark), and R. Cuevas Rumin (Spain)


Multilevel Networks, Subnetwork, Single Ring, Double Ring, Diameter, Average Distance


Multi-level networks have been a good solution in large scale network scenarios. The implementation of a network in different levels or sub-layers, improves the performance and reduces the investment compared to flat topologies. This paper introduces a method to characterize important parameters on multi-level networks such as diameter, aver age distance and gateway location to be able to optimize the global network topology. The study focuses on the lower level of the network formed by subnetworks with regular structures, and the method is illustrated with two of the simplest regular topologies such as Single Ring and Dou ble Ring. The conclusions achieved will ease and improve the network planning of large scale networks.

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