XServices Notification Bus: A Web Services Notification Implementation

J. Liu, W. Li, and D. Ma (PRC)


Web Services Notification, Publish/Subscribe, WS Notification, Resource Container


As the rapid development of the large scale internet ap plications, there are demands for collaboration on hetero geneous resources over dispersed location services espe cially in the area of grid computing. The resource results in the requirement of acquiring itself state in a proper man ner when it is created, modified and destroyed. Mean while, the change of the large scale distributed system also requires more message exchange patterns in the services. WS-Notification (WSN) specification satisfies these corre sponding demands in distributed system with the feature of anonymous interaction, asynchronous, loosely coupled and multi-communication. This paper implements XSer vices Notification Bus (XNB) which proposes an adap tive infrastructure of topic-based web services notification mechanism for subscription management and notification dissemination according to the WSN specification. The in frastructure is composed of a notification subscription com ponent, a notification consumption component, a resource container and a notification management console. The core functionality of notification mechanism includes three in dependent processes which are topic publication, topic sub scription and notification dissemination. These functional ities are handled through well defined processes by sets of operations on the topic management and subscription man agement through the resource container. In addition, we apply XNB to sensor network as a use scenario to demon strate the usage of publish/subscribe notification.

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