PAAM: A Web Services Oriented Architecture for the Adaptation of Composed Multimedia Documents

Z.I. Kazi-Aoul, I. Demeure, and J.-C. Moissinac (France)


Adaptation, multimedia composed document, web services, composition.


This article introduces a service oriented architecture for the adaptation of multimedia document. In this architecture, adaptation resources (or adaptors) are offered as shared resources by the participants. We take advantage of unused software and hardware resources. The implementation of this architecture is based on web services. We extend WSDL, the web services description language, to describe adaptor web services in order to make them easily declared, looked-up and composed. A composition of adaptors is described as a graph that can be dynamically reorganized in order to accomodate dynamic changes in both users and adaptors environments. The article presents a negotiation protocol that helps the adaptation manager to choose the best adaptor. We describe a complete adaptation chain implemented using the web services technology and existing multimedia contents description languages. An evaluation of the approach is presented; it shows that PAAM manages the adaptation of composed multimedia documents to the user context in a fully distributed way relying on a variety of available adaptors without significant overhead with respect to other adaptation architectures.

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