Design and Implementation of a Graphical User Interface for Stream-based Distributed Computing

S. Yamagiwa, D. Antão, and L. Sousa (Portugal)


Parallel Programming, Graphical User Interface, Stream Computing, Meta-Pipeline


Caravela platform was developed for stream-based com puting using Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) as the main processing elements. It provides a new pipeline-processing mechanism called meta-pipeline, which allows to connect processing units in the Caravela platform and invokes an application in a pipeline manner. The processing units can be locally or remotely located, establishing a distributed processing environment. However, it is hard for a programmer to define the processing pipeline by directly using Caravela runtime functions. Thus a GUI-based entry tool for a meta-pipeline application is proposed in this paper. This paper presents the design and the implementation of this entry tool. The tool addresses the main difficulties found for programming meta-pipeline applications: by devising methods for defining pipeline stages and connections among them, to detect illegal connections and to debug the pipelined processing using the Caravela runtime environment. Based on this tool, this paper also presents and discusses a case study of a meta-pipeline application.

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