Optimal Real-Time Scheduling for Efficient Aperiodic Services on Multiprocessors

K. Funaoka, S. Kato, and N. Yamasaki (Japan)


Multiprocessor systems, real-time scheduling, aperiodic re sponsiveness.


Optimal real-time scheduling algorithms for multiproces sors have some restrictions to realize the optimality. In this paper, we propose an optimal real-time scheduling al gorithm called NNLF (No Nodal Laxity First), which re laxes the restrictions of the traditional algorithm LNREF [8]. NNLF with aperiodic servers is flexible as compared to LNREF with aperiodic servers and enhances the respon siveness of aperiodic services, while all periodic tasks meet their deadlines. Simulation results show that NNLF with aperiodic servers enhances the aperiodic responsiveness approximately 90% relative to the background servers.

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