Soft Real-Time Scheduling with Tardiness Bounds on Prioritized SMT Processors

A. Takeda, K. Funaoka, S. Kato, and N. Yamasaki (Japan)


Scheduling, Soft Real-Time System, Prioritized SMT, Tar diness


Prioritized SMT is a technique that places a priority to each thread by hardware and preferentially allocates processor resources to the higher priority threads. This technique meets the requirements of soft real-time systems, since it has a capability of supporting real-time processing with maintaining the system throughput. This paper proposes a real-time scheduling algorithm for soft real-time systems on prioritized SMT processors. The upper bound of the tardiness of tasks is also analyzed in order to meet QoS re quirements of the systems. We discuss the tightness of the tardiness bound in the evaluation with the tick-level simu lation.

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