A Multimedia Tool for Synchronous Distance E-Training of Employees in Geographically Dispersed Industries

J.C. Granda, D.F. Garcia, F.J. Suarez, I. Peteira, and C. Uria (Spain)


Distance e-learning, synchronous e-leaning, employee e-training, educational multimedia tools.


Most employees have to receive training courses in a continuous manner to develop their work efficiently. Large companies usually have a training center to prepare the courses and their employees have to travel to this center to receive them. To reduce travel costs, the employees could attend some of these courses in a remote manner using a multimedia tool. This paper defines the characteristics required for this kind of tools, and next, a brief analysis of the characteristics of the available synchronous distance learning tools is performed. None of these tools verify essential characteristics like being extremely easy to use, operating with low network bandwidth, being inexpensive and not requiring maintenance operations. Therefore, a new synchronous distance e-training tool has been designed and implemented. This paper presents the organization and the technologies used to fulfil the challenging requirements of this kind of multimedia tools.

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