Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications    (EuroIMSA 2008)

March 17 – 19, 2008
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): M. Roccetti
228 pages
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Track E-learning, Training, and Multimedia based Education FreeSubscription
612-003 A Multimedia Tool for Synchronous Distance E-Training of Employees in Geographically Dispersed Industries
J.C. Granda, D.F. Garcia, F.J. Suarez, I. Peteira, and C. Uria (Spain)
612-005 Decreasing Time Response of e-Learning Platforms by Expertise Acquisition
D.D. Burdescu and M.C. Mihăescu (Romania)
612-009 Adaptive Quality-Aware Programming with Declarative QoS Constraints
O. Lampl and L. Böszörmenyi (Austria)
612-015 FNOVA: FERMAT and Joomla Fusion
S.M. Córdoba, J. Martínez del Castillo, G. Gutiérrez Barranco, A. Mora-Bonilla, D. López-Rodríguez, and E. Mérida-Casermeiro (Spain)
612-035 Learning Systems Overview
K. Yordanova and I. Yordanov (Bulgaria)
612-036 Automatic Test Case Generation through a Collaborative Web Application
A.O. Arantes, N.L. Vijaykumar, V.A. Santiago, and A.R. Carvalho (Brazil)
612-045 The Academic CRM/ERP at the University of Bucharest
L. Mihai and L. Bogdan (Romania)
612-052 An Application of Wikis for Mediated Collaborative Learning to Spanish L2
C. Martinez-Carrillo and K. Pentikousis (Finland)
Track Interactive and Web based Multimedia FreeSubscription
612-010 Design and Implementation of the Rapid Multimedia Application Development System
S.-R. Ke, Y.-C. Huang, and W.-C. Chen (Taiwan)
612-012 Semantics Support for Personalized Multimedia Content
A. Scherp (Germany)
612-014 Bridging the Gap: From Multi Document Template Detection to Single Document Content Extraction
T. Gottron (Germany)
612-025 Knowledge Modelling and Managing for the Development of an Artificial Accommodation System
K.P. Scherer (Germany)
612-027 A Formal Model for Service Interaction Topologies
Y. Zhao, D. Ma, M. Liu, and C. Hu (PRC)
612-031 Proposal of Cryptography-SLA and its Application Against the Compromise Risk of Cryptosystems
A. Inomata, G.H. Ramirez Caceres, Y. Teshigawara, T. Okamoto, and E. Okamoto (Japan)
612-037 Goal Driven Interaction for Web Applications
A. Carrillo, D. Dianes, J. Falgueras, A. Guevara (Spain)
612-038 Design Requirements for a Secure Time-Stamping Scheme
C. Marinescu (Romania)
Track Visual Communications FreeSubscription
612-800 The Institutional Aspect of the Responsibility Distribution in the IT Enterprise
D. Dymek (Poland)
612-802 Location based Services for Mobile Devices A Practical Evaluation
T. Krahmer, A. Lang, J. Dittmann, C. Krätzer, and C. Vielhauer (Germany)
612-803 Designing Instructional Graphics for Surgical Education
D. Roy (Japan)
612-804 Exploration of Cultural Paradigm: A Web-based Methodology
M. Khan (Qatar)
612-807 Visual Literacy and Pattern Configuration as Design Paradigm: How Visual Rhetoric can be used to Define Social and Cultural Identity
T. Carden and S. Carden (UK)
612-810 A Study on Infrared Reflectography for Underdrawing Detection using a Digital Camera
S. Youn, Y. Kim, J. Lee, and D. Har (Korea)
612-813 Count Method of Leaves on the Surface of a River using Interactive Color Indication of Coloring Picture Style
F. Tsutsumi and Y. Tateda (Japan)
Track Networked Multimedia FreeSubscription
612-008 P-AQM: Low-Delay Max-Min Fairness Streaming of Scalable Real-Time CBR and VBR Media
A. Lie (Norway)
612-021 A Framework for Advanced Data Processing in a Multi-Hop Network Environment
A. Matsui, K. Kamisaka, S. Yamaguchi, and M. Oguchi (Japan)
612-033 An Overlay Solution to IP Multicast Address Collision Prevention
P. Harsh and R. Newman (USA)
612-039 Efficient Transmission of Rendering-Related Data using the NIProxy
M. Wijnants, T. Jehaes, P. Quax, and W. Lamotte (Belgium)
612-042 An Enhanced Reinforcement Routing Protocol for Inter-Vehicular Unicast Application
C. Wu and T. Kato (Japan)
612-043 Presentation of Service Model for Instant Messaging Services based on IMS Network
K. Bamasian, A.H. Darvishan, M. Khoshbakhtian, and F. Sarabchi (Iran)
Track Audio, Video, and Images FreeSubscription
612-011 A Music Recommendation System based on Semantic Audio Segments Similarity
A. Bozzon, G. Prandi, G. Valenzise, and M. Tagliasacchi (Italy)
612-023 Performance Evaluation of H.264/AVC Slice Structured Coding Modes with Content Complexities and GOP Structures
A. Alaybeyoğlu and A. Kantarcı (Turkey)
612-030 An Interactive 3D Mobile City Guide Supporting User Driven Content Creation
T. Jehaes, J. Dierckx, P. Quax, W. Lamotte, and G. Jans (Belgium)
612-032 Enhancing Semantic Image Retrieval by Query Expansion using User-Specific Annotation Profiles
J. Vompras and S. Conrad (Germany)
612-046 Design and Implementation of an Optical Flow-based Autonomous Video Surveillance System
A. Fonseca, L. Mayron, D. Socek, and O. Marques (USA)
612-047 A Model for Detecting and Tracking Humans using Appearance, Shape, and Motion
C. Pertuz, L. Mayron, D. Socek, and O. Marques (USA)
612-049 Flexible Multi-Dimensional Indexing Server for Searching Non-Textual Diagnostic Annotations
T. Xia, F. Wang, P. Liu, and S. Palanivelu (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following: For IMSA: Web and Internet Systems and Tools; Multimedia Information Systems; Networked Multiplayer Games; Data Management; Collaborative Systems and Distance Learning; and Applications. For VC: Computer vision; Pattern recognition; Visuals in programming; Mime expression and emotion; Visual culture and archetypes in art; Visual rhetoric; Branding, design, and advertising; Medical imaging; and Image representation.

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