FNOVA: FERMAT and Joomla Fusion

S.M. Córdoba, J. Martínez del Castillo, G. Gutiérrez Barranco, A. Mora-Bonilla, D. López-Rodríguez, and E. Mérida-Casermeiro (Spain)


Mathematics, E-learning, Moodle, Joomla!, ESHE


We present a work developed by a group of teachers in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Malaga. Since 2002, FERMAT1 Project has become an important meeting point between teachers and students for the subjects of Numerical Methods, Algebra, Calculus, Vectorial Analysis, Differential Equations and Discrete Mathematics in the degree of Telecommunication Engineering. Our main goal was the development of an educational environment complementary to the classical model of teaching, in order to get a gradual adaptation to the European Space for Higher Education (ESHE) according to Bologna Declaration. Our method consists on theoretical lessons using multimedia technologies and also practical sessions in the laboratories. In these sessions the students solve practical problems with the aid of the computer. On the other hand, we offer access to the resources in our website (class notes, proposed and solved problems…), an also to on-line resources: mail, forum, chat, videoconference… In a first step we create FERMAT website including some resources that can be useful for students. The suggestions of these students have been helpful for the development of the last version, named FNOVA2 . Thanks to these suggestions we have introduced important improvements in this version of our new tool3 . These are those that we present in this paper.

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