Automatic Test Case Generation through a Collaborative Web Application

A.O. Arantes, N.L. Vijaykumar, V.A. Santiago, and A.R. Carvalho (Brazil)


Interface, Collaborative Systems, Cooperative Work, Web Application, Statecharts, Software Testing.


In order to develop a software product where teams spread over a country or even over the world can work together, the distributed development of software is a natural approach. Therefore, web appears as a valuable resource enabling the cooperative development. Collaborative work joins efforts of several members of a team to coordinate their tasks with an objective of reaching a specific goal. In particular, for software, collaborative web applications are powerful resources that can help different teams to cooperatively address process activities related to the software development life cycle, especially those related to testing. This paper presents a web-based tool, WEB-PerformCharts, to enable test designers to generate black-box test sequences, remotely via Internet, based on Statecharts representation of the specification. WEB-PerformCharts tool enables a reactive system (software specification) to be modeled in Statecharts, and generates test sequences according to a test case generation method using the Web. The paper describes how a model specified in Statecharts can be used to generate test sequences (PerformCharts tool), besides showing the necessary implementations in the tool to develop a collaborative web application. A case study is presented in order to demonstrate the usability of the tool. The paper has a major contribution in providing support to test processes in a distributed environment besides discussing the use of a high-level technique, Statecharts, to model the specification.

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