Design and Implementation of the Rapid Multimedia Application Development System

S.-R. Ke, Y.-C. Huang, and W.-C. Chen (Taiwan)


Rapid multimedia development, MPEG-4, user interface, visualization


Multimedia applications have become extremely popular among daily life. Despite the availability of the untold multimedia application, the desire for novel multimedia applications, such as digital learning applications, digital TV and multimedia home entertainment, is desperately increasing as a result of the need to obtain a more convenient and advanced life. It is, however, a challenging problem to design a facile system that enables general users to develop multimedia applications for the specific purpose. To address this problem, we design a multimedia system for rapid development. In this paper, we propose a framework called RAMAD (RApid Multimedia Application Development) for efficiently developing diverse multimedia applications. A set of abstractions and a visual development platform have been provided to facilitate the development of multimedia applications. In Addition, in order to enrich the multimedia content, MPEG-4 has been encapsulated as a core component into the RAMAD system. RAMAD not only preserves the diversity of multimedia but also serves the facility. Through the RAMAD system, a novice is enabled rapidly to develop multimedia applications for the personal purpose.

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