Knowledge Modelling and Managing for the Development of an Artificial Accommodation System

K.P. Scherer (Germany)


Software models, artificial lens, knowledge base, frames, knowledge representations, formalized information


A typical situation for useful employment of knowledge based models is the conceptualisation of a new technical system, where the system components with their characteristic properties will be configured in such a manner, that a target function is guaranteed under consideration of any constraints. In this proposal a novel artificial lens system is researched to replace the diseased human lens after a surgical intervention. Before developing and realizing a real technical system, it has to be described in a natural language and must be formalised. Based on these formulas logical conclusions can be drawn later. Useful representations are formalised knowledge models like frames and concepts. For information access by both experts either users, comfortable natural language based concepts and the employment of graphical tools are very important to manage the complex knowledge, to decide a best configuration of the components.

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